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Answering Your FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Jan 10

Answering Your FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets can become worn out and damaged from wear and tear. It is possible to transform your kitchen cabinets by simply resurfacing them. Once they have been refinished, you can also maintain them so that they last. You may be surprised to hear that kitchen cabinet can last half a century if cared for properly over time, according to

We have the answers to your most frequent questions about Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing. Here's what you can expect.

What is Kitchen Cabinet resurfacing?

This involves removing cabinet doors and drawer faces. Next, the components are sanded to remove their drawer fronts and doors. Finally, they are repainted or refinished using a new stain. While doors and fronts are being repaired, cabinets that are still in place are upgraded. Any dents and dings will be repaired. The old paint or finish will be removed and the new one installed. After the cabinet doors are re-installed, everything will match and look just like new cabinets at a fraction of their cost.

How do I select a contractor to resurface my cabinets?

Be sure to ask questions when you are looking for a contractor to resurface cabinets. Also, make sure to inquire about their process and what materials they intend to use. Some vendors will use laminate finishes to save time and money instead of painting the cabinets and waiting for them to dry. Laminate may initially look like wood but can swell and peel over time due to moisture exposure. The laminate can develop bubbles from condensation and steam from cooking.

How long does the process take?

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing may be more cost-effective and efficient than replacing new cabinets. If the contractor is organized, follows a schedule, and has all necessary materials, the whole process of resurfacing can take place in one weekend.

Better Than New Kitchens will give you an exact estimate of the time and cost to have your kitchen cabinets refinished.


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