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Are Light Or Dark Cabinets Best For Your Kitchen Design?

Jan 10

Are Light Or Dark Cabinets Best For Your Kitchen Design?

The cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen design. The right style is crucial, especially in terms of color.

It can be overwhelming to choose from all the possible combinations. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing makes it easy.

We are proud to offer limitless options to help create the kitchen you have always wanted. You can also update your cabinet color to make your space more affordable if you are on a budget.

As the leader for cabinet refinishing in Kansas City, we get asked a lot of questions--especially in regards to which color will look best for the cabinets in a particular room.

Homeowners can have difficulty deciding between different paint colors and stains. But, luckily, there are a few easy tips to help you make this process easier. Let's have a look.

Choosing the right cabinet color

Consider the square footage of your kitchen. This will play a critical role in your decision-making.

Dark colors can create a warm, traditional, and moody feel. While dark cabinets look great in large kitchens, they can make small spaces, or ones without natural light, feel smaller.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are light cabinets. They create a bright and clean appearance that can be used to enhance small spaces. If white is used in a large kitchen, it can appear stark unless you use other colors and textures.

Another thing to consider is that you might not have to choose between light and dark cabinets.

You can mix them both, for example, with dark lower cabinets and light uppers, or a darker kitchen island. This will create a custom look that helps ground your space.

Finally, decide if you would like your cabinet hardware to match or stand out from the cabinet's color.

Cabinet Refinishing Kansas City

Our team is available to help you choose the right color cabinet for your space. We can also deliver the beautiful results that you have envisioned.


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